Chemosin breaks the race record!
The Kenyan Robert Chemosin breaks the race record setting a new one: 1h03’31”. The Venetian Giovanna Pizzato wins the women section.

The Kenyan Robert Chemosin lived up the expectations of the day before the half marathon and won the 2nd Moonlight Half Marathon setting the new race record: 1h03’31”, lowering the record of Ruggero Pertile who won the last year first edition of the race in 1h07’17”. The second place went to the Moroccan Ahmed Nasef (1h04’30”) followed by the countryman Issam Zaid (1h04’58”). Robert Chemosin is a Kenyan young runner of the Renato Canova Group who ran his third half marathon and ran in Italy for the first time. His race was very good and he decided the race between the 14th and the 15th Km when he overtook the others of the leading group and left the Moroccans right behind. In the women race, clear victory of the Venetian Giovanna Pizzato who won the half marathon in 1h23’22” beating the Moroccan Siham Laaraichi (1h24’36”) and Maurizia Cunico (1h25’00”) from Vicenza.

The race started at 7:45 p.m. at Lungomare San Felice in Cavallino Treporti and in Piazza Mazzini many people awaited the runners to cheer them on while passing through the finish line.


1) Robert Chemosin (KEN )1h03’31”
2) Ahmed Nasef (Fanfulla Lodigiana) 1h04’30”
3) Issam Zaid (Pol.Rocco Scotellaro)1h04’58”
4) Giancarlo Simion (Silca Ultralite) 1h12’09”
5) Paolo Sandali (Fartlek Ostia) 1h12’51”

1) Giovanna Pizzato (Essetre Running) 1h23’22”
2) Siham Laaraichi (Cus Parma) 1h24’36”
3) Maurizia Cunico (GS Alpini Vicenza) 1h25’00"
4) Ambra Vecchiato (Atl. Audace) 1h27’01”
5) Lorena Di Vito (Pro Patria Milano) 1h28’24”
The challenge to set the new race record has started!

Venicemarathon Club has almost finished to set the Moonlight Half Marathon top athletes list, who will start the race in the first line on May 12 and who will challenge from Cavallino Treporti to Jesolo.

From the national runners’ group two important names have been confirmed: Daniele Caimmi, who finished sixth at the world championship in 2003 and forth at the European championship in 2002; Daniele is a very good runner whose best personal time in the marathon distance is 2h08’59” and the time in the half marathon is 1h02’57” and Denis Curzi, Italian Marathon champion in 2008 at the Carpi Marathon, whose best personal time on the 21.097 km is 1h03’30”.

These two important Italian runners have to face up the two Moroccans: Issam Zaid, second at the Moonlight Half Marathon of last year and Ahmed Nasef, winner of the Naples Marathon of this year and fifth at the Venicemarathon in 2011.

The fast and picturesque race course of the Moonlight Half Marathon, which starts from Lungomare San Felice in Cavallino Treporti and arrives in Piazza Mazzini in Jesolo will give the right opportunities to all athletes to run at their best performances and try to break the race course record of 1h07’17” set last year by Ruggero Pertile.

Registrations are open till Wednesday May 9, unless the cap of 3,500 participants is reached. The start will be given at 7.45 p.m.
All information about the race and how to register are at athletes’ disposal on our website

From this year runners will have the chance to run the Moonlight Half Marathon to support who is in need of help. In fact the projects connected to Venicemarathon will be for the first time supported by the other races of the Venicemarathon Running Project. Therefore both at the Moonlight Half Marathon and at the Corrimestre runners who are willing to, can support with free donations: * Run for Water, Run for Life to dig drinking water wells in Uganda, * Bimbingamba the project of Alex Zanardi to sustain the realization of prosthesis for unlucky children, * Run To End Polio the project of the Rotary International Club to eradicate the polio and * Venice in Peril to help the sustainability of Venice.

The 2nd Moonlight Half Marathon waits for you!
The second edition of the Half Marathon which starts from Cavallino Treporti and arrives in Jesolo in Piazza Mazzini is warming up! The staff is defining and studying the areas to improve and offer athletes even better services. The start will be given this year at 7.45 p.m. right at sunset time to admire the colors of the lagoon. Come in large numbers! We wait for you on May 12 to live together a day rich in emotions. Ensure a bib-number: the participant cap is fixed at 3,500 runners!