Black Friday: the registrations of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon, 9th Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon and 4th CMP Venice Night Trail fly
Venezia, November 28, 2018 - Even this year, the runners’ world did not miss the great Black Friday opportunity offered by the Venicemarathon Club on all its events.

The bib numbers of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon and VM10K, of the 9th Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon and MHM10K, and of the 4th CMP Venice Night Trail, that were available for the promotion, were sold like crazy.

A lot of people waited for the beginning of the promotion at midnight.

The registrations for the five events, now officially open, have continued with a good trend in the following days. To this day, the bibs assigned for the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon of October 27, 2019 are 3,289, for the 9th Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon of May 25, 2019 are 1,471 and for the 4th CMP Venice Night Trail of April 13, 2019 are 1,436.

These important numbers projected the Venicemarathon Club towards a successful 2019.
Black Friday, Venicemarathon, Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon and CMP Venice Night Trail extraordinary occasion!
Friday, November 23, the registrations of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon and of the events organized by Venicemarathon Club will open with a special 50% discount!

Friday, November 23 is a date that all runners have to know because the Venicemarathon Club will officially open the registrations to all its events and, above all, confirm its extraordinary promotions for the Black Friday.

From 00.00am to 11.59pm CET of Friday, November 23, runners can register to the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon and VM10K, to the 9th Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon and MHM10K and to the 4th CMP Venice Night Trail with the discount of 50% from the ordinary registration fee.

These are the bib numbers of the Black Friday:

CMP Venice Night Trail - 250 bib numbers (Venezia – April 13, 2019)

Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon - 1000 bib numbers; MHM10K - 500 bib numbers (May 25, 2019)

Huawei Venicemarathon - 1.500 bib numbers; VM10K - 500 bib numbers (Venezia -  October 27, 2019)
STORIES BY RUN – Jesolo superstar: welcome to the modern city beach
The 8th edition of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is just finished…
The city of Jesolo hosted thousands of runners that this year faced with a change of the race course. With this occasion they discovered this modern city beach!

Once Jesolo made the beach and anonymous tourism its main business card, until it became aware that it could become something more evolved and attractive: a real "destination".
The upgrading of the city started fifteen years ago, in 1997, with the masterplan by Kenzo Tange. This was based on the concept of the tower, to reduce the consumption of soil and to enhance the views towards the horizon of the sea.
Three towers already built are considered small landmarks, precise points where it is easy to make an appointment, visible from afar, territorial. They host panoramic, well-equipped and elegantly finished apartments.
The tower designed by Gonçalo Byrne is 25 stories high, smooth, glazed, colored and with deep holes; the one by Carlos Ferrater with its 22 floors is pointed, whitish and with many loggias and sliding walls; the one originally designed by Valter Tronchin, later modified by Aurelio Galfetti, is lower with its fifteen floors and is characterized by rounded corners and shades of blue.
The towers are not in the first row on the beach, and with the sea they just maintain a Platonic relationship, devoid of any physicality. The city at their feet is an horizontal plinth whose commercial function and connection with the beach is consequently reinforced. This is what Richard Meier tries to do, in his two projects realized and close between each other, white and with a naval look: a nice C –shape of apartments set around a swimming pool and a ten-story block.
Certainly you will be able to recognize some of these modern architectures if you decide to visit Jesolo!
It is obvious that the redevelopment is changing the face of Jesolo: parks, green areas, areas for entertainment and leisure, luxury apartments, design hotels, exotic villages, relaxing oases, commercial areas with large public spaces and event containers. The environmental recovery and urban planning of the city aim to create a unique territory, able to meet the needs of residents and tourists.
The seasonal city beach is working hard to become an annual resort.
Add to this that Jesolo has become a good stepping stone to visit Venice and combine sea and culture.
Shumay Mogos Solomon and Lenah Jerotich win the 8th Jesolo Half Marathon
On the new itinerary, the Eritrean Shumay Mogos Solomon did the new race record 1h03’17’’; the first woman is the Kenian Lenah Jerotich, who wins in 1h14’17’’.
On Jesolo 10K the winners are Eyob Faniel and Nadia Dandolo.

Venezia, 27th May 2018 - The new Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon sets a best time in the history. Yesterday evening, Shumay Mogos Solomon  won the competition in 1h03’05’’, 26’’ reducing the record of 1h03’31” established by Robert Chemosin in 2012.

The winner adopted a very clever strategy: he took advantage of the group’s lead following it and catching it up. The pace was fast at the start, they arrived in 29’25’’ at 10K. Only in the last 200m, Shumay changed his pace outdistancing the second one and won the competition.
“I liked a lot this itinerary because it is fast. I felt a little bit the hot weather, but I’m happy for this victory” – said the winner.

Lenah Jerotich won the competition in 1h14’17’’; the second one, Lucy Liavoga, arrived 3 minutes left. She took the first place at the middle of the competition and gradually gave the distance from the rest of the group.
“I’m satisfied for this victory and I liked very much this itinerary” this was her worlds.

On 10K the winner was Eyob Faniel, who arrived in 31’21’’. He reached the aim of the day: “I’m really satisfied because today I wanted to run easily and had good feelings and so it was”. Now Eyob will represent Italy in Spain for the Mediterranean Games at the end of June, where he will run the half marathon. Then he will run the marathon of Europe Champion in Berlin on 12th August.

Solomon e Faniel met each other in 2010 during a meeting at Asmara, where Shumay just left the cycling for running. On February of this year, Eyob and his trainer Pertile decided ho help this athlete, who didn’t still find his athletic identity. After this collaboration he gain the 2nd position at Stramiliano at the end of March and the 1st place at the Padua marathon. Now he will be the Eyob’s trainings partner until the European competition.

About the 10K, the Italian athlete and Carabinieri’s superintendent Nadia Dondolo won the competition. He decided to run with other 50 colleges of “Arma della Regione Veneto” to promote and make aware the audience about paediatric leukaemia’s researches. “I’m honoured to be here tonight and to run for the paediatric institute ‘Città della Speranza’.

The new format seems to pass the test. For Jesolo’s mayor Valerio Zoggia: “It has been a beautiful evening and the new location of Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon passed all the tests. We will wait the feedbacks of the athletes and see you on 2019”.

Even Piero Rosa Salva, Venicemarathon’s Club president, was very satisfied of the competition: “We archive this edition with a record in the men’s competition that demonstrate that this new course is good. We also confirm that Piazza Milano and the new logistic of services seem suitable and functional. This night contributes to make this edition more beautiful. I thank the municipal administration of Jesolo, the institutions, the associations and the sponsors that contribute to make this event a success”.

21K men’s results
1. Shumay Mogos Solomon – Eri – 1h03’04”
2. James Murithi Mburugu – Ken - 1h03’13”
3. Paul Tiongik – GP Parco Alpi Apuane - 1h03’47”
4. Jonathan Kosgei Kanda – Atl. Castello – 1h06’08”
5. Jonah Kiplagat Kemboi – Ken – 1h07’31”
6. Francesco Bona – Aeronautica – 1h08’17”
7. Julius Rono Kipngetic – Atl. Recanati – 1h08’22”
8. Diego Avon – Tornado – 1h10’17”

21K female’s results
1. Lenah Jerotich – Atletica 2005 – 1h14’17”
2. Lucy Liavoga – Ken – 1h17’30”
3. Vivian Jerop Kemboi – Atl. Saluzzo – 1h18’11”
4. Sarah Martinelli – GP Quadrifoglio – 1h26’58”
5. Anna Gravilova – Rus - 1h27’26”
6. Jessica Doria – Generali Runnres – 1h27’27”
7. Chiara Moretto – Atl. Valdobbiadene – 1h27’56”
8. Eveline Makena Murira – Runners Bergamo – 1h28’55”

10K men’s results
1. Eyob Faniel - Venicemarathon Club - 31’21”
2. Mattia Guglielmi - ASD Team Km Sport - 33’35”
3. Fabio Ciati - Ballotta Camp - 33’52”
4. Giorgio Zanta - Atl. Biotekna Marcon - 34’37”
5. Massimo Cappelletti – Vicenza Marathon – 34’56”

10K female’s results
1. Nadia Dandolo – ASD ASI ATLETICA – 38’08”
2. Francesca Tonin – Ana Atl. Feltre – 38’16”
3. Leonida Izabela Romanas – ASD Team Km Sport – 38’44”
4. Chiara Marchiori – Atl. Due Torri – 38’47”
5. Valentina Gavarretti – Atl. Trichiana – 39’26”

21K race's streets
Via Danimarca,Via Papa Luciani, Via Alvise Mocenigo, Viale Oriente, Via Don Giovanni Bosco, Via Corer, Via Ca’ Gamba, Traversa 7 Di Via Ca’ Gamba, Via Pier Fortunato Calvi, Via Cavetta Di Marina, Via Miozzo, Via Corer, Via Gabbiano, Viale Cigno Bianco, Via Cavetta Di Marina, Viale Oriente, Viale Belgio, Via Agnello Partecipazio, Viale Oriente, Via Bucintoro, Lungomare, Via Vittorio Veneto, Via Carlo Scarpa, Via Levantina and Piazza Milano.
10K race's streets
Via Danimarca, Via Papa Luciani, Via Alvise Mocenigo, Via Corer, Via Fornasotto, Via Cavetta Di Marina, Via Miozzo, Via Corer, Passaggio Pineta, Via Bucintoro, Lungomare, Via Vittorio Veneto, Via Carlo Scarpa, Via Levantina and Piazza Milano.
The whole area of piazza Milano will be confirmed for the competition from 7am of 21th May 2018 to 7pm of 28th May 2018.

- via Aldo Moro parking area, from the south entrance of parco Grifone from 7am of 21th May 2018 to 1pm of 28th May 2018;
- via M.L. King parking area, from the west entrance of parco Grifone from 7am of 24th May 2018 to 12pm of 26th May 2018;
- via Possagno parking area from 7am of 25th May 2018 to the end of the competition
- via Ca’ Gamba, from via Danimarca/Corer to via Ca’ Gamba/Via Rusti/7^ Traversa di via Ca‘ Gamba.
- viale Oriente, from via Cavetta Marina to Viale Belgio.

-  via Danimarca, from via Olanda sino all’intersezione to via dell’Angelo (illegally parking and suspended circulation from 2pm of 24th May 2018 to 7am of 27th May 2018).
- via Levantina, from via Olanda to the west entrance of piazza Milano (illegally parking from 2pm of 26th May2018 to the end of the competition and suspended circulation from 4.30pm); 

- via Don Bosco, via Gabbiano, viale Oriente from via Cavetta Marina to viale Belgio, viale Belgio side north, via Partecipazio side east, viale Oriente side north, from via Partecipazio fino all’intersezione to via Bucintoro, via Bucintoro to Arenile, via Vittorio Veneto, via Vittorio Veneto in front of “parcheggio Sabbiadoro” to via Fiume, via Carlo Scarpa, via Levantina from C. Scarpa to the 2nd "vicolo" di via Giardinetto (illegally parking from 3pm of 26th May2018 to the end of the competition and suspended circulation from 5pm);
- all the race's streets, or part of them: via Danimarca from via dell’Angelo to the traffic circle of via M.L. King, via Papa Luciani-south side, via Mocenigo, viale Oriente, via Don Bosco, via Corer, via Cà Gamba, 7^ "traversa" of via Cà Gamba, via P.F. Calvi, via Cavetta Marina, via Fornasotto, via Miozzo, via Gabbiano, via Cigno Bianco, viale Belgio, via Partecipazio, via Bucintoro, via Vittorio Veneto, via C. Scarpa and via Levantina from via C. Scarpa to piazza Milano (suspended circulation, deviations with one or double way and illegally parking from 6pm of 26th May 2018 until the athlets run). 

- via Ca’ Gamba, FROM via Danimarca/Corer TO via Ca’ Gamba/Via Rusti/7^ "Traversa" OFvia Ca‘ Gamba.
- viale Oriente, FROM via Cavetta Marina TO Viale Belgio.

- from 4.30pm of 26th May 2018 to the end of the competition, road traffic on via Altinate, direction west, is deviated on via Anasso, via Olanda, via l’Aja and via dell’Angelo, excepting for residents of piazza Milano and in the road section of via Altinate from via Anasso to piazza Milano;
- from 4.30pm of 26th May 2018 to the end of the competition, road traffic on via Olanda direction west, is deviated on via l’Aja and via dell’Angelo, excepting for residents of via Olanda;
- from 4.30pm of 26th May 2018 to the end of the competition, included the equipment's disassembly  of via Levantina from via Olanda to piazza Milano, road traffic on via Levantina, direction east, is deviated on via Istituto Marino and via M.L. King, excepting for residents of the zone of via Possagno and via Levantina and Olanda;
- from 7.30pm of 26th May 2018 to the end of the competition  in the intersection between via Levantina andvia Olanda, road traffic on  via Olanda direction west, is deviated on via Pieve di Soligo and via Nervesa della Battaglia;

- from 6pm of 26th May 2018 to the end of the competition, on via Vittorio Veneto and in the section between via Levantina and via Vittorio Veneto and on via Fiume.
Starting line at sunset on a new route.
7:45 pm departure, then lunch based on carbohydrates: pasta with light dressing, avoid irritants (tomato, chilli ...) or hardly digestible (sausages, processed sauces ...), a snack about two hours before with a sandwich with raw or turkey breast.
Important hydration, the evening start could be a problem... hydration as healthy everyday habits with water with high fixed residue and mineral salts without exaggeration, start an hour before starting with a solution of carbohydrates and electrolytes, about 500 ml.
Before starting dink a shot with low-dose caffeine and substances that prepare the muscles for the activity.
At each refreshment drink at least a couple of sips of water or mineral salts, water with gels if not specified on the label that it is isotonic gels (about 60 ml of gel with a carbohydrate content of less than 50% and in the list of ingredients in first positions complex carbohydrates such as maltodextrins or cyclodextrins).
At the fifteenth kilometer a gel with branched chain amino acids and slow-release carbohydrates.
3 kilometers from the end a gel with fast carbohydrates and caffeine for the final sprint.
Recover properly the lost liquids, not only water but water with mineral salts (magnesium, potassium, sodium) and fast sugars (first of all dextrose), amino acids for the shelter of the musculature subjected to intense physical effort, recommended at least 25 grams of protein for optimal recovery.
After one-hour solid easily digestible meal and avoid processed foods to avoid further physical stress.
In the morning at breakfast carnitine, at least two grams given its poor absorption.
Sportsman needs fruit, vegetables, meat must be lean and carbohydrates from whole sources. However, before competitions, fiber and whole carbohydrates must be avoided because of the effect they have on the intestinal motility, which is already sufficiently stressed during the competition.
Before the start there is often a state of agitation that leads to disequilibrium in the gut, try to remember that the race is fun and through the music or laugh with friends we lower the state of stress.
In the case of irritated bowel fifteen days before a competition, a cycle of glutamine and lactic ferments may be useful for restoring the stressed mucosal integrity.
Cooling down: how to manage it? Eyob’s advice a few days before the Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon
The Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon is getting closer.
The 10K’s registrations are already closed, because we reached the sold out. Maybe you are the lucky people who have already obtained the bib number or your aim is to run the 21K race.
In both cases, the training time is almost finished: it's a done deal and in the week before the competition the cooling down is waiting you. How to manage it? We asked this to Eyob Faniel, the Venicemarathon Club’s élite athlete, who will be with us on 26th May at the start line.

Here we go: on 26th May there will be the Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon once again. I will be there for the 10K, and you? Are you trained? I really think so.
I’m sure that in these weeks you prepared yourself for reaching your aim – on 10K or half marathon – both with sunny and rainy days. And at the end of the training, what do you generally do the week before the competition? You know, the code word is only one: cooling down.
What’s the meaning? How can we do well?
First, cooling down doesn’t mean “don’t run”, but it means to lighten the kilometres and the quality works.
My advice is to choose a day where you can work on speed, with variations rhythm and passive recovery, to develop the aerobic power.
The best thing is to do this 4-5 days before the competition.
If you are preparing the 21K, you can arrive until 9-10 km repeated: for example, 9x1000 with race rhythm + rec 2’; if you are registered on 10K you can halve the number of repetition. It could be easy to keep the stride at 1000. If you can’t do this, maybe you chose a bad day to train yourself (it happens) or you overestimate the race rhythm; this could be the best moment to review your previsions.
When you talk about the days immediately before the competition, there’s someone who prefer to run and someone who don’t run. I personally experiment both situations and I think that the best thing is the total recovery, so without running, two days before the race (for example on Friday), then run some kilometres the day before (for example on Saturday), just a little race: 30’ slowly with some final sprints. The physical sensations are very subjective, so feel your body.
I will make a test the week before the competition, in order to verify my legs conditions. I will be at the Corterun, at Cortemaggiore, a 6K competition at sunset (start line at 20.30), so I will start to enter to the Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon atmosphere.
If you will be there, let’s go to greet me; if not, let’s see at Jesolo on 26th May!
The Jesolo Moonlight 10K is sold out! The competition will reach the 6000 inscriptions
The 10K “moonlight” race, organized by Venicemarathon Club on 26th May at Jesolo, is already closed. The Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon registrations are still opened.
Venice, 16th May 2018 - Less than two weeks from the 8th Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon that will be held on Saturday 26th May in Jesolo with the start line of the sunset, the organizers have had to close the registrations of the Jesolo Moonlight 10K, the race that will compete simultaneously, because it reached the maximum of inscriptions. In fact, only 2.000 bib numbers are assigned in order to guarantee efficient and quality services, and no other registrations are accepted.
The inscriptions for the 21K continue to grow up, they pass the 3.200 participant and will be opened until Thursday 24th May on our website and until 25th May in the Moonlight Village at Piazza Milano in Jesolo. More informations on the official website
“We are very happy to see the growing success of the 10K competition, that was born years ago in order to increase the running proposals and to offer another opportunity to a bigger and more enthusiastic category of people and to the partners who accompany the athletes – said the Venicemarathon Club’s President Piero Rosa Salva – and also the Half Marathon confirms the big numbers; preconditions are the best to offer a unforgettable event another time”.
The competition is completely renewed in the itinerary and also in the services. The 10K starts at 19.15 and after 30 minutes (19.45) the 21K starts.  The new route is a ring, so it has the start and the finish line both in Piazza Milano. Along the race all athletes find a suggestive landscape with different natural elements (sea, pine forest, beach and stream), that it will make different e never boring view. The part of the race that runs along the seaside is very suggestive, with beaches, sunset’s romantic colours and the music of the bands and of the kiosks along the seaside, and then the last kilometres, where Jesolo’s lights, music and nightlife will welcome all the athletes with the usual friendliness.
In Piazza Milano you will find the Moonlight Village, where the athletes will receive the bib number and the race packet and will visit the stands of the sponsor companies of the competition. In the same square it will prepare the stage where it will occur the awards ceremony at the end of the race. In the “Parco Grifone”, in the Piazza Milano’s area, will be all services for the athletes (bag storage, changing rooms, toilets and showers).
At the end of the race, all participants are invited to party at the Moonlight Beach Party, that will be organized at the “Chiosco Milano” and “Chiosco Skipper” (near Piazza Milano), with free drink for all athletes who will present the bib number or the medal.
All athletes will receive the official t-shirt of competition. It is a technical shirtless t-shirt designed by Karhu for this event; all finishers receive also the medal in remember of this edition of Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon.
The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is organized by Venicemarathon Club in collaboration with Jesolo City. A lot of companies work and participated for this event: Karhu, Pro Action, Fish Factor, Air France, San Benedetto, Alì & Aliper, Bavaria, Palmisano, Castellano, Gasparini Group, Zuegg.
Eyob Faniel at the start line at Jesolo Moonlight 10K
Saturday 26th May will be at the 10K start line the élite and favourite athlete of Venicemarathon Club, Eyob Faniel
Thursday 10th May 2018 – The Eyob Faniel’s route to Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championship will pass to Jesolo. On Saturday 26th May the Venicemarathon Club’s athlete will be at the start line of the Jesolo Moonlight 10K. It is an important race for him, who triumphed in the 21K on 2015 and in the 10K the last year, but also represents an important appointment of the season, that is the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championship, where he will represent Italy with other four athletes on 12th August.
After a strong period of training, the Jesolo Moonlight 10K race will be important for Eyob because this competition and to test his physical limits. After the Jesolo race, Faniel will represent Italy also in Spain at the Mediterranean games at the end of June, where he will run the half marathon. There is great expectation to see again the student of the ex-marathon runner Ruggero Pertile into action, who this year improved himself three times on 21 kilometres, reducing his personal best in 1h02’27’’ and running his 10 kilometres in 28’44’’.
“I’m happy to came back in Jesolo because for me is a very important competition, that it is organized by my Club - said Faniel – after a pause from race and an intensive specific training period for the European Athletics Championship in Berlin, the Jesolo competition is an important testing ground. My aim is to win, but the important things is to run fast and feeling good. I’m also very curios to try the new itinerary, and I want to put my signature on the new record of race.”
The competition is completely renewed in the itinerary and also in the services. The 10K starts at 19.15 and after 30 minutes (19.45) the 21K starts.  The new route is a ring, so it has the start and the finish line both in Piazza Milano. Along the race all athletes find a suggestive landscape with different natural elements (sea, pine forest, beach and stream), that it will make different e never boring view.
In Piazza Milano you can find the Moonlight Village with all services for the athletes (bag storage, changing rooms, toilets and showers) that will be comfortable and easily reachable also with the car.
The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is organized by Venicemarathon Club in collaboration with Jesolo City. A lot of companies work and participated for this event: Karhu, Pro Action, Fish Factor, Air France, San Benedetto, Alì & Aliper, Bavaria, Palmisano, Castellano, Gasparini Group, Zuegg.

For more information:
Eyob Faniel at 10km of Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon: a family challenge.
Are you ready for running at sunset? On 26th May, the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is waiting you. At the start line there is also Eyob Faniel, who represents the Venicemaraton Club.
It’s official: on 26th May I’m at the start line of Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon.I chose the 10km, because it is useful for my preparation of this period: the Europe Champion of Maratona, in Berlin next August.My girlfriend Ilaria will be with me at the start line.
In these weeks she trained with determination and diligence, when she didn’t study or when she hadn’t commitment. She was very good and I suggested her some advice to optimize her training.
This isn’t the first time at Jesolo for us, but this year she wants to do her personal time: her aim is to arrive in 50 minutes or less. Obviously, she wants to run very close to me! In our family we have bet on the person who will arrive at finish line first.It is sure that I will cheer for her and I will wait her at the finish line.About me, I’m very curious to try the new ring itinerary, with the start and the finish line at the same point. A good advantage both for runners and for all people who will can see the starting and the arriving. The cheer, this year, have also a big relevance in this way.I never tried the new itinerary, that probably will be more quickly, so there is a prerequisite to run a good race.
After a lot of competitions around Italy, I’m very happy to run at “home”, in my club’s race, with the t-shirt that I proudly wear.I arrive at the finish line with the Venicemaraton Club colours and I hope to win.
This competition is an important test for me, because I use it to create a new training for the next weeks, in preparation to the European Champion. 
Are you ready? See you at the start line!
STORIES BY RUN – Canals and ports: the history of Lido di Jesolo
This year MHM became new. For this edition the itinerary has been redesigned in total for both races: the classic distance of half marathon 21,097Km and also for the 10K fast way. The route goes inside the Jesolo’s municipality and start at the useful and central Piazza Milano.
With the new itinerary of the half marathon all runners can see the wonderful architectures of Lido di Jesolo and learn the history of the area between the sea and the lagoon.
After a few kilometres to start, the runners can see the historical aspect about this territory. The lands just outside the coast lead, introduce one of the big historical estate of coast, Canale Cavetta, which it will accompany the athletes along the itinerary until his mouth. The Venetian Republic realized the Cavetta in order to have a rapid fluvial connection with the trades in Friuli. The work began in 1440 based on the hydraulic project created by Alvise Zuccarini. The canal called Cava Zuccherina, in remember to its designer, was closed early because, around 1600, a new canal was opened. This canal was big and straight like the actual Canale Cavetta, that it connected the Piave river (which at the time flowed into Sile) with Revedoli canal in Eraclea.
In 1683 the route of the Landrona determined hydrographic situation, that we see today: the Piave river changed his itinerary and went between the Cavetta canal and Revedoli canal, in this way the first river blocked the direct connetion. To avoid the possible flooding, characteristic of Piave river, the city decided to build the barriers in Cortellazzo and Revedoli. In this way the Cortellazzo’s village was born and it became a fishing port. Today Cortellazzo is a famous touristic port in the end of Cavetta canal, that feed the waters of Sile. The barriers are always open and they are the begin of the modern part of Lido di Jesolo.
Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon isn’t only a race, but also a beach and music party!
The wait for run meeting under moonlight of the next 26th May is growing. As always, you can find an enjoy atmosphere with a post competition party beach and music along the way. Like last edition, we have a big pacers team that will help all athletes to reach their aim.
 Thursday 3rd May 2018 – Saturday 26th May will start the 8th edition of Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon, at sunset in Piazza Milano. It will be also a big party for all athletes, friends, families and audience. Music and beach party, with different natural elements (sea, waterways, pine forest and beach) and the new services before and after the competition are the winning ingredients to make this event unique.Also this year, the music bands are confirmed along the path. The music will accompany the athletes and will entertain the audience with rock, blues and pop sounds; in order to make this event more exciting.Like the past editions, there is the Moonlight Beach Party after the race. This year it is organized on the beach in front of Piazza Milano. All athletes can take one free drink if they have a bib number or medal. This event is a moment to relax yourself and talk about the experience just lived.With the Party Card and bib number, the athletes will be able to take a special discount in many restaurants and bars in Jesolo. This opportunity arises from collaboration with Confcommercio Ascom San Donà-Jesolo.As always, we have a pacers’ big team, that will help all athletes to reach their aim chronometric. Selected and coordinated by Julia Jones, the team members have a lot experience and a strong motivation with the wish to help all athletes. In the 21K team there are: 1h50’ Silvio Dus and Annalisa Fae; 1h55’ Roberto Grosso and Nicola Rosso; 2h00’ Fabio Crosara and Nicola Zanetti; 2h15’ Matteo Esquinazy, Andrea Danesin and Eleonora Battaglia; 2h30’ Francesca Soli. In 10K team you can find: Stefano Zennaro 40’; Damiano Agostinelli 45’; Maurizio Silla 50’; Gianfranco Biasuzzi 55’; Moira Lorenzon 1h00’.The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is organized by Venicemarathon Club in collaboration with Jesolo City. A lot of companies work and participated for this event: Karhu, Pro Action, Fish Factor, Air France, San Benedetto, Alì & Aliper, Bavaria, Palmisano, Castellano, Gasparini Group, Zuegg.For more information visit our website:
How to prepare yourself to the 21k of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon. Eyob Faniel’s advice
We are so close to the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon
At the 26th May, at the start line, it will be Eyob Faniel, Venicemarathon Club’s athlete.Here you can find some advice for whom who have decided to run the 21k race, at sunset.

The 21k race is a beautiful race to run, especially in Jesolo at sunset!It is longer than the 10k race, so for some people it could be more exciting. However, it is also more manageable than a marathon and it doesn’t request a strong preparation. In any case, if you want to run a half marathon race and you want to do a competitive time, I will advice you don’t to extemporize: a 21k race is still a 21k race.Before the race, it is fundamental to cover a distance equal to or slightly less than 21 km in training: it can’t be missed the “long trainings”, also if it will be your first “half” or if you aren’t so used to the middle-long distances.Beyond the “long trainings”, the must important training for a half marathon is the “middle” or “varied middle” or “middle with variation” training, that you surely heard.What is the “varied middle”?It is a specific training where you alternate 1-2 km with a strengthen rhythm and 1-2 km with a slower rhythm. The times’ average could be the same or a little bit faster than the race rhythm.It is a good, fun (because the rhythm’s variations are always an incentive) and very useful training, because it helps you to improve the rhythm.If you want to increase its efficacy, you could program a strengthening training in the gym the day before the training or a climb training on 100mt.At the day of the race, search your pacer, he/she will be useful to sketch out your initial rhythm.If you aim to your personal time, use the first 10km to take an advantage and use the second part of the race to hold on.If your goal is to arrive at the finish line in a good way, organise your race gradually. Start with a moderate rhythm in order to hold your step: a 21km race isn’t a marathon, however there are a few kilometres, so if you started too strong, you would finish your energies. If your legs run well after 10-15km and you feel good, you could increase your rhythm, even if you increase it of only some seconds per kilometre.If you want, take a gel at the 15th km, I also use it in the 21k race. It could help you to the final rush.And don’t forget to hydrate yourself: drink a lot in the days before the race and, at the refreshment stations, use the water and the salts. Don’t exaggerate: it is enough just a few sips to give you energy back. Test it. And now… let’s see us at Jesolo!
-1 month at start of Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon
The new itinerary for “moonlight” half marathon, that will take place on 26th May in Jesolo, is certified by Fidal-laaf. There are already 4.000 registrations and we are close to sold-out in 10k. The registration are opened, you can find all information you need on website: .
Thursday 26th April 2018 – Exactly in a month, Saturday 26th May, Jesolo city host the 8th edition of Moonlight Half Marathon and 10K, a new race both in itineraries and in services. The route has been certified and measured by official Fidal-laaf. The new event is organized by Venicemarathon Club and the city of Jesolo.

In Piazza Milano you can find the Moonlight Village, with the start and the finish lines, and all services for the athletes (bag storage, changing rooms, toilets and showers) that will be comfortable and easily reachable also with the car. In Piazza Milano you can also pick up the race kit, before the races begin.

Quickly we are approaching at 4.000 total registrations of the event: 2456 in the half marathon and 1326 in the 10k. The registrations trend of the half marathon is in line with the past editions. The 10k race could register a sold out because there are only 674 bib, then the registration will be closed. More information on .

The possibility to choose between two competitions is the strong point of the event organized by the venetian club. A sport proposal that became a tourist opportunity to involve friends and families. They can choose two distances and spend a weekend together at the end of May, dedicated to beach life, nightlife, sports and wellness. The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon will give a unique and exciting opportunity, where all competitors will enjoy the same atmosphere.

The race packet is very rich this year. In addition to the different products from sponsor, all participants will receive a sleeveless shirt in breathable fabric expressly designed by Karhu for the event. All finishers will have a medal in InnoDB of event.The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is organized by Venicemarathon Club in collaboration with the city of Jesolo. A lot of companies work and participated for this event: Karhu, Pro Action, Fish Factor, Air France, San Benedetto, Alì & Aliper, Bavaria, Palmisano, Castellano, Gasparini Group, Zuegg.
How to face the 10 Km of Jesolo
Only one month to the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon.
Also Eyob Faniel, élite runner of Venicemarathon Club, will be at the start line.
We asked him, who took part in the last two editions, some advice in order to better compete either in the 10km or the half marathon, for those who are searching their personal best and also for those who are moving close for the first time to these distances.

After achieving good results in the most important appointments of the first time of the season, I am enjoying some relaxing days, doing just some light running and gym swimming and bike training, but I am starting to think about the next race that awaits me, the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon.
Will you, guys, be there too? And what distance will you face? The 10 km or the half marathon? If you choose the shortest one, I will give you some advice on how to better face it, but all depends on your purpose.
Would you improve your personal best on the distance?
The best thing to do is to start in a determinate way, strong enough and then, try to hold on in the second part of the race and finally to extend near the finish line. The 10k race is considered a short race and it is often decided in the last 400mt.
In order to well prepare a 10k race, you have to train yourself not only on the distance. You have to dedicate at least one session per week on shorter distances and faster rhythms. This will help you organising different rhythms in the different race’s phases.
On the other hand, if you’re moving closer to the running discipline, if the Moonlight will be your first race or simply, your purpose is to have fun and to finish the race, then you can organise the race in the opposite way: to start slowly and to continue faster. The 10K race is appropriate, it is feasible, not so long, but long enough to enjoy the run.
Don’t overstate in the first kilometres. Search for the balloon with your goal and chase it! It will help you not to overdo and to keep a constant pace. In the last 1-2 km, if you feel good and your legs run well, try to intensify a little bit the rhythm. The final score could surprise you!
And pay attention: it will be hot in May, so hydrate yourself both before (also the days before the race) and during the race. Use the refreshment stations in order to drink some water. In this case, don’t exaggerate (it could give you some problems): 2-3 sips of water could be enough to rehydrate yourself without weigh down.
As for the trainings, in the weeks before the race you have to cover approximately the 10 km or a short distance away of the distance and, if it’s possible, you have to alternate with some quality strengthening work. For example, with some variation on the track, 200mt strongly and 200mt slowly, or with some jerk climbing, with an extend of about 100mt and a return climbing down with a light running in order to relax yourself. It will help you to hold the rhythm of the race and to improve your pace. These are the same advice that I gave to Ilaria, my girlfriend. She will run on the 26th May, too. She also ran in this race and this time she wants to improve her personal best. She works towards to stay sub 50’. Going to make it?

If you have signed up for the half marathon... I’ll give you some advice next week!
Great news for the 8th Moonlight Half Marathon in Jesolo: new course and more comfort in services to athletes
The course  of the 8th Moonlight Half Marathon changes but not its fascinating ingredients: sea, water canals, sunset, white beaches and night life. The half marathon under the moonlight  , organized by the Venicemarathon Club and by the Municipality of Jesolo that will be held on Saturday 26th May, completely renews its format, designing a new sliding and flat course but above all making the pre and post race services handier.

The Moonlight Half Marathon will no be a point to point race anymore , but a lap of 21K that will develop all in the north-east of Jesolo. It starts and arrives at the same point, in Piazza Milano, easily accessible by car and with many car parks at athletes’ disposal. The Moonlight Village will also be built here and all the services dedicated to the athlete will be set up, such as changing rooms, bag storage, toilets and showers. In this way, the race kit can also be collected until few moments before the start.

The new course will start from via Danimarca and take via Papa Luciani, two very large road that will make the start more fluid and smooth and that will lead the athletes in the countryside just outside Jesolo. At this point the course will run along the Canale Cavetta , then cross the camping areas along via Corer and return to the Canale again up to Cortellazzo. Here they will run alongside the picturesque mouth of the river Piave with its tourist port, and then return to Lido di Jesolo along the green avenues of the luxuriant pine forest and then through via Belgio and via Oriente. Finally, the beach by the sea, with its white beaches and romantic sunset colors, will accompany the last kilometers of athletes before crossing the finish line in via Danimarca, where the lights and music of Jesolo's nightlife and above all the usual warmth of the public will welcome the finisher.

Even the Moonlight 10K will follow the same organizational logistics of the sister race, with start and Finish in via Danimarca and Piazza Milano as the center of services.

"For our city, Moonlight Half Marathon is confirmed as an event always full of surprises and novelties - said the Mayor of Jesolo, Valerio Zoggia - The all-Jesolo course of this year, will embrace the north-east of the city, between lights of Piazza Milano, the beach and the green of the pinewood, maintaining the landscape charm that has always distinguished the race, contributing at the same time, to enrich also this important part of our city. Thanks to the President of Venicemarathon Club, Piero Rosa Salva who has always believed in this beautiful initiative ".  "We are very happy to be able to offer the fans of running a new Moonlight Half Marathon - commented the president of the Venicemarathon Club Piero Rosa Salva - who will confirm the unique and unmissable appeal of our race but at the same time improve all services for participants . We are confident that the improvements will be effective and welcome to the ever increasing number of registrations. We are now grateful to the Municipal Administration of Jesolo for the immediate and fundamental adhesion to this new project, which wants to contribute to further enhancing the city of Jesolo. "

The organizers are still developing the last details that will soon be announced on the site of the event