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The Black Friday arrives also for Venicemarathon!
On Friday, November 29, the fantastic discounts of Venicemarathon’s events arrive.
The finisher promotion, dedicated to all finishers who ran the last Venicemarathon, ended with 900 registrations.
On Black Friday the registrations of the 35th Venicemarathon will also open.

The Black Friday count down is started. On Friday, November 29, from 00.00am to 23.59pm CET, all events organized by Venicemarathon will have a fantastic 50% discount for all people. The promotion is valid also for the 35th Venicemarathon that will officially open the registration on that day.

In the last days, Venicemarathon organizers also activated a promotion to all finishers that ran on Sunday, October 27, offering a 50% discount on the registration fees. Nine hundred runners used this promotion.

Here you can find the availability for the Black Friday:

5^ CMP Venice Night Trail (Venice – April 4, 2020):
250 registrations

10^ Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon & MHM10K (Jesolo – May 16, 2020):
1.000 registrations for the half marathon and 500 for the 10K

35^ Venicemarathon & VM10K (Venice – October 25, 2020)
1.500 registrations for the marathon and 500 for the VM10K
Huawei Venicemarathon, Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon and CMP Venice Night Trail: online the new websites!
The registrations for the 5th CMP Venice Night Trail (April, 4 2020) and the 10th Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K (May, 16 2020), the other two events organized by Venicemarathon, are also opened today.

Simplicity, immediacy and functionality: the mix of these elements made the new websites of Huawei Vencemarathon, Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon and CMP Venice Night Trail and they are online from today, optimized for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

An essential graphic, up to date with "social" and "smart" communication, which uses less color and makes contents more direct, immediate and easy to read.

The home page opens at the top with the drop-down menus, an image or a cover video and the count-down counter at the event date. A little further down, direct links to race registration and tourist information, the main news and highlights, a sequence of banners that run in loops linked to sponsor news, partners, events and special initiatives, the showcase of the four social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and the animated "strip" dedicated to sponsor companies.

All sites are available both in Italian and in English, while the Venicemarathon website is translated also has a French, German and Japanese version.

With the launch of the new sites, the registration for the other two events organized by the Venicemarathon team will also open: the CMP Venice Night Trail, the fascinating 16 km night city trail and 51 bridges that will take place on Saturday, April 4 2020 in the heart of Venice and that will celebrate the first five years and the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K that will take place at sunset on Saturday, May 16 2020 and that will celebrate the tenth edition.
A nice half marathon with evening departure.

The week after the half marathon must be managed with light training and active recovery, depending on the various objectives of the season.

A detoxifier is useful at this time to be taken in the evening, before going to sleep, to facilitate the purification of the organism.

Fruit and vegetables, fresh to promote the activity of the antioxidant defenses of our body.

Useful supplements can be:

- Glutamine, a substance useful for the recovery of the immune system
- Magnesium, for muscle relaxation
- Vitamin C for the support of the immune system

Dott.ssa Annalisa Faè R&D ProAction
The positive analysis of the 9th BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K
The quality level of the event, organized in Jesolo on Saturday 25 May with the new record of 1h01'37", has increased. 
The event, a big party of 6,000 participants, will generate an economic impact on the area estimated at around 2 million euros.

Venice, May 29, 2019 - Venicemarathon and the City of Jesolo archive a ninth edition of BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K and are already working to prepare a truly special 10-year edition.
An event like the Moonlight always draws a group of over 6,000 runners, most of whom come from outside the region (about 70%) and from abroad (33 countries). In these cases, the sporting event is experienced as an expedient to spend a weekend of sun and sea with families and friends, which generates an important promotional and economic induction for the zone   in the initial stages of the season's opening. 2 million euros of induced calculated in the past editions are an aim that should be easily reconfirmed, if not exceeded, and Venicemarathon is already collecting the data to realize the new study. 
An initial assessment of the edition that has just ended (Saturday, May 25), it can easily be said that the BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K is a successful event because it is experienced as a great party, thanks also to the music, to the enthusiasm of the speakers, to the musical bands along the race course and to the strong heat of the audience. Moreover, this year the half marathon made a leap of exceptional quality from a technical point of view: in addition to the new record of the race (1h01'37" by James Murithi Mburugu ), faster than about 1 minute and a half compared to the previous one (1h03'07"), as many as five athletes ran under the 1h03'; in the women's field the Kenyan Lenah Jerotich, ran in 1h13'08". 
The numbers of the BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon that can provide the real picture of the magnitude of the event: about 1,000 volunteers employed in services in the start and finish line and along the way including 40 local police officers, a relay race of Traffic Police, the Fire Brigade, many volunteers coordinated by the Civil Protection of Jesolo, including the Piovese group, and an impressive health service coordinated by the Green Cross of Cavallino. In addition, there were also 20 medical runners qualified for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and early defibrillation. Approximately 40,000 bottles of San Benedetto water were distributed, 500 litres of salts and 12,000 ProAction products, 1,200 cans of Bavaria Premium beer, 10,000 Zuegg  fruit juices, 35,000 Palmisano biscuits, 6,000 Ventura dried fruit bags, 20,000 fruit and vegetable products including apples, oranges and bananas, 8,000 Karhu technical t-shirts give to volunteers and athletes. Along the way the athletes were cheered by 6 musical bands. Over 65,000 photos were also taken by the photo agency "Beam" with the "Pica" system and 3 hours of live streaming of the event, 5 hours of social media images and distributed to local television stations were produced. 
Among the curiosities, the most mature at the finish line of 21K was Franco Carlo Mereu, born in 1941, who closed his rehearsal in 2h14'19 "and there were 9 athletes who celebrated their birthday on Saturday 25 May.
The Kenyan James Murithi Mburugu wins in 1h01’37”, new race record! 

Lenah Jerotich repeats last year's success and the Italian Eyob Faniel is third with an excellent 1h02’03”. 
In 10K Giacomo Esposito and Sharon Giammetta win

Venice, 26 May 2019 - The Jesolo BMW Moonlight Half Marathon, which proves to be a fast half marathon, was a great success yesterday. The race was won by the Kenyan of Run2gheter James Murithi Mburugu with the new race record in 1h01'37", that also represents his personal best on distance (prev. 1h02'01"). Noel  Hitimana (1h02'01"), Eyob Faniel (1h02'03”), Paul Tiongik (1h02'17") and Paul Mwangi Kariuki (1h02'37")are the other runners that cross the finish line under the 1h03', a time that represented the event's record until yesterday. 

Eyob Faniel made his second best time ever: "I wanted a podium to dedicate to my ex sport society Venicemarathon Club". 

The race started immediately at a very fast pace, with the Kenyan Tiongik passing the 10th km in 28'32”. Faniel then tried to outdistance his rivals, but in the second part of the race the Kenyan Mburugu, and Rwandan Hitimana passed him. 

In the women's race, the Kenyan athlete Lenah Jerotich  won for the second consecutive time in 1h13'08 ", with a gap of over 2 minutes on the compatriot Mary Wangari (1h15'32"). The Ethiopian Asmerawork Bekele  completes the female podium  with 1h18'01 ”. 

The race, started at 7.30pm from via Danimarca, was anticipated from the departure of the Unitalsi Treviso volunteers who accompanied a dozen of disabled athletes along the way. "The Moonlight Halfmarathon is an event that the city awaits every year and continues to grow. Jesolo is a tourist city and events like this are important, even if sometimes they cause some discomfort to residents ”- said Zoggia . 

The great party of the Moonlight had already started at 7pm, a race won then by Giacomo Esposito and by Sharon Giammetta. 

Silvia Furlani , the Udine runner affected by multiple sclerosis, completed her second BMW Jesolo Half Marathon in about 6 hours, accompanied by Antonella Cipriano. 

Very pleased with the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva : “ We have an exceptional race from the technical point of view, with results of international level and we have applauded an edition with large numbers. The atmosphere and the splendid evening, also from a climatic point of view, have contributed to making this ninth edition even more beautiful and, I announce already now, that next year we will celebrate the tenth anniversary with an even more memorable edition. I thank the Municipal Administration of Jesolo, the institutions, the associations, the volunteers and the sponsors who are ours and help us to make this event grow more and more ". 

21K men's ranking 
1. James Murithi Mburugu– Ken / Run2gether - 1h01'37 " 
2. Noel Hitimana - Rwa / Atl. Castello - 1h02'01 " 
3. Eyob Faniel - Ita / Fiamme Oro Padova - 1h02'03 " 
4. Paul Tiongik - Ken / GP Apuan Alps Park - 1h02'17 " 
5. Paul Mwangi Kariuki - Ken / Olympia ATC - 1h02'37 " 
6. Roncer Konga Kipkorir - Ken / Run2gether - 1h03'44 " 
7. Mogos Shumay Solomon - Eri - 1h05'42 " 
8. Said Boudalia - Ita / Cagliari Marathon - 1h09'04 " 

21K women's ranking 
1. Lenah Jerotich - Athletics 2005 - 1h13'08 " 
2. Mary Wangari - Ken / Run2gether - 1h15'32 " 
3. Asmerawork Bekele - Eth - 1h18'01 " 
4. Giovanna Ricotta - Boscarini Runners - 1h22'32 " 
5. Alice Whiley - Gbr / Ravens London - 1h26'01 " 
6. Laura Pieretti - LBM Sport Team - 1h26'04 " 
7. Yvett Moro Piazzon - Azzano Runners - 1h27'57 " 
8. Elisa Comisso - Atletica Venice - 1h28'15 " 

10K men's ranking 
1. Giacomo Esposito - Tornado - 34'27 " 
2. Simone Gobbo - Trevisatletica - 34'46 " 
3. Matteo Penazzato - Atl . Riviera del Brenta - 35'58 " 
4. Massimo Cappelletti - Vicenza Marathon - 36'52 " 
5. Mirko Signorotto - ASD Hrobert Running Team - 37'02 " 

10K women's ranking 
1. Sharon Giammetta - Aristide Coin - 41'24 " 
2. Silvia Gavarretti - Atl . Trichiana - 43'15 " 
3. Veronica Bacci - ASD Lupatotina - 44'15 " 
4. Sara Brentarolli - ASD Lupatotina - 45'18 " 
5. Ilaria Benetti - Expandia - 46'44 "
James Mburugu wins in 1h01'37", record of the race and personal best
Lenah Jerotich wins again the race and the Italian runner Eyob Faniel is third with 1h02'03". At 10K win Giacomo Esposito and Sharon Giammetta

The BMW Moonlight Half Marathon confirms that it is a fast race. James Murithi Mburugu wins the BMW Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon with a new record: 1h01'37”.

Male Results:
James Mburugu (1h01'37")
Noel Hitimana (1h02'01"),
Eyob Faniel (1h02'03"),
Paul Tiongik (1h02'17")
Paul Mwangi Kariuki (1h02'37").

Female results:
Lenah Jerotich (1h13'08")
Mary Wangari (1h15'32").
Asmerawork Bekele (1h18'01")

Giacomo Esposito wins the 10K male race and Sharon Giammettawins the female race.
- 4 days at the BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K
The half marathon "in the moonlight" organized on Saturday, May 25 in Jesolo turns pink and launches important messages 
with the "Pink is Good Running Team" and Silvia Furlani. 
last 70 bib numbers for 10K and 500 for 21K 
On Thursday, May 23, the online registrations will be closed. 

Venice, May 21, 2019 - Running to promote prevention against female tumors and run to fight against a a devastating disease: two strong and important messages that will cross each other on Saturday, May 25 at the BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K, with the “Pink is Good Running Team” of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation and with Silvia Furlani. 

Pink is Good is a Umberto Veronesi Foundation project, created in 2014, with the aim to finance scientific research in the field of female oncology and spreading the importance of prevention. In the same year (2014) the "Pink is Good Running Team" was also born to promote physical activity to reduce the risk of breast cancer, at any age and the “spokeswomen” of this important message are the Pink Ambassadors, women who have fought a female tumor (breast, uterus, ovary) and whose aim is to highlight the importance of early diagnosis, correct lifestyles in the fight against cancer and above all to show that after the illness it is possible to return to live stronger than before. 

Nowadays, the running team sre 12; in Jesolo there will be 3 Pink Ambassadors at the start of 21K and 5 in 10K, always shouting "Nothing stops the pink, nothing stops women". 

Silvia Furlani, the Friulian runner who fights against multiple sclerosis, returns to Jesolo for the second consecutive year "For 32 years I have a life partner, the most terrible enemy of muscles, multiple sclerosis, but I fight this disease with sport every day. I participated last year at the Moonlight and I had a lot of fun." For Silvia, the BMW Moonlight of Jesolo will be a 21K walk that will start in the middle of the afternoon and will end approximately after 6 hours. To accompany her, there will be two guardian angels: Antonella Cipriano and Piero Zanato of the Venicemarathon Running Team. 

The start of the BMW Jesolo Half Marathon will be at 7.30pm and will be preceded by the 10K (7 pm) in the Piazza Milano area, where the Jesolo Moonlight Village will be built, and will be opened from the afternoon of Friday May 24 (3pm - 8pm). 

The number of registrations is still growing, exceeding 5,500. In the 10K the last 70 bib numbers are available and in the half marathon there are 500. Thursday, May 23 the online registration will be closed. 

The BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is organized by Venicemarathon and the City of Jesolo with the support of the sponsors: BMW Italy, Karhu, Pro Action, Ventura, San Benedetto, Alì, Bavaria, Air France, Banco BPM, Zuegg, Palmisano, Castellano, 1 / 6H Sport.
Tips for a 10K night race
Nutritional strategy is important during a short race, as if you want to beat your personal record or is your first race.

Starting in the evening, the useful tips are always the same, hydrate during the day and eat light, avoid processed foods difficult to digest.

A lunch based on carbohydrates (a tomato paste or white pasta) and protein (classic grilled chicken breast), avoid the vegetables that, due to the fiber content, could give intestinal discomfort.

Approximately one hour before departing an energy bar with branched chain amino acids (ProAction Aminobar) and a bottle of Sport Drink to drink until shortly before starting the race.

10 minutes from the start a PreStart Shot, to be ready to give the maximum.

At the final refreshment drink water, Salts, fruit and a protein bar (ProAction Zero Bar) to help your muscles recover.

Enjoy your race.

Dott.ssa Annalisa Faè R&D ProAction
The 9th BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K was presented
There are already 5000 registered athletes in the "moonlight" race organized in Jesolo on Saturday, May 25 (start at 7.30pm) and Eyob Faniel will run to make the event record

Venice, May 14 2019 - After the success of the 2018 edition changed in the race route and in the services, Jesolo is ready to host on , Saturday May 25 the 9th BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K , an international race (included in the AIMS calendar and recognized by FIDAL as “Silver Label”) that will take place at sunset with the romantic colors of the sunset.

The event was presented this morning at the Hotel Villa Sorriso in Jesolo. The president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva, underlined the constant growth both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view. "We already have 5000 athletes, of which very many foreigners representing 33 countries, and it is news of a few days ago the participation of Eyob Faniel, an athlete we helped to grow and who today is one of the strongest Italian marathon runner”. At the end Rosa Salva thanked the Administration for the specific support, all the sponsors and numerous volunteers. 

During the conference Stefano Fornasier, president of Idea Venezia, presented the cast of top athletes, announcing that Faniel, who has recently improved on the half marathon running in 1h00'53 "(fifth Italian performance ever) will try to improve the course record (1h03'05 "). It will therefore be a challenge between him and the Kenyan Paul Kariuki Mwangi, credited with the time of 1h00'42 ". The other members of the cast are at the moment: the Kenyans Kipkorir, Murithi and Tiongik; the Rwandan Hitimana and the Italians Said Boudalia, Ahmed El Mazoury and Roberto Graziotto. The first women names are: Mary Wangari ( Ken ), Clementine Mukandanga ( Rwa ) and Wolkeba Asmerawork Bekele ( Eth ). 

Lorenzo Cortesi, general secretary of Venicemarathon, focused on the important economic impact that this event generates on the territory, that generates 2 million euros of induced. Cortesi then announced the entry of the BMW Italia brand as title sponsor. 

The location of last year, that offers very picturesque scenery and alternates different natural features between them like the sea, the river and the pine forest, was confirmed and Piazza Milano will host the Moonlight Village, the start and finish of the two events. 

The start of 10K is scheduled at 7pm and the Half Marahon at 7.30pm. It will be possible to follow the live stream starting at 7pm on the official website www.moonlighthalfmarathon.it 

There will also be the great party after the race dedicated to athletes and carers, with the Moonlight Beach Party , host of the Chiosco Milano (on the beach behind Piazza Milano) starting at 10.00pm. 

The BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon will be experienced as a sporting-tourist opportunity, to enjoy a whole weekend of sun, sea, sport and fun. 

These are the sponsors of the event: BMW Italy, Karhu , Pro Action, Ventura, San Benedetto, Alì, Bavaria , Air France, Banco BPM, Zuegg, Palmisano, Castellano, 1 / 6H Sport.
-12 days to the Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon: BMW new "title sponsor"
Monday, May 13, 2019 - Less than two weeks at the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K, organized for Saturday, May 25 (with starting at 7.30pm), the good news continues. After the announcement of the participation of one of the strongest italian marathon runners of the moment, Eyob Faniel, today Venicemarathon announces the entry into the family of a brand of great value: BMW. The company becomes the title sponsor of the half marathon and from today will be called BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K.

BMW Italia gives the name to a unique half marathon, which starts at sunset and ends when the stars are already high in the sky; able to offer on its way an alternation of different naturalistic aspects such as the sea, the river and the pine forest and a fascinating part of the race that runs along the promenade and the beaches, where the athletes are accompanied by the sweet melody of the sea, from glow of the moon and the background music of the bands and kiosks on the sand.

Tomorrow the official presentation of the 9th BMW Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K is scheduled, scheduled at 12.30 pm at the Hotel Villa Sorriso in Jesolo.

The BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is organized by Venicemarathon and the City of Jesolo.
The start of the Moonlight Halfmarathon will be at 7.30pm, a not usual time for a half marathon, so nutrition will have to be managed in the best way so as not to start weighing down.

It is advisable to have a light lunch based on carbohydrates, take good care of the hydration throughout the day and a snack two / three hours before the start: a sandwich that is easily digestible with prosciutto or turkey breast, without sauces and without vegetables that can then give problems in the gastro-intestinal level during the run. 

Hydration is important, so during the afternoon drink water with a high fixed residue and about half an hour before the start drink a solution of carbohydrates and mineral salts, or carbohydrates and amino acids (for example Carbo plus). 

The recommended nutritional strategy depends on the step an athlete will be able to take during the 21.097 km, the standard recommendations are always the same: 

-        start the race well hydrated 

-        Take a “shottino” (like the Prestart shot) before the start to support concentration and muscular blood circulation 

-        Take a gel after the first 70 minutes of running, near the refreshment point if it is hypertonic, otherwise outside if it is isotonic. 

How can I tell the difference between a hyper gel and a hypo gel ? 

Companies specify it on the label if a gel is isotonic, in fact we see that on the front of Carbo Sprint Ultrarace is well emphasized! 

Otherwise it can be understood from the total volume, a gel that contains 25-35 ml of solution is hypertonic, therefore it will be taken near the refreshment point with water, not with salts, and an isotonic gel can also be taken outside refreshment, without taking water immediately after. 

Good run. 

Dr. Annalisa Faè R&D ProaAction
Eyob Faniel challenges the Kenyan Mwangi to the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon to break the race record
Saturday, May 25 the Italian runner will be at the start line of the half marathon in the moonlight (start at 7.30pm) 
Just over two weeks after the event, the number of registrations is already reaching 5,000

Venice, May 8 2019 - Eyob Faniel, who finished his last half marathon in 1h00'53 " (fifth Italian performance of all time) at Padua on April 28, will be at the start line of the 9th Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon on Saturday May 25. 

Eyob, who wore the colors of the Venicemarathon Club until last year, won the Huawei Venicemarathon in 2017 and in 2015 he won the Moonlight Half Marathon, beating Francesco Bona and Ruggero Pertile. That race represented for Faniel a sort of springboard and for Venicemarathon it was the first step towards a technical collaboration project aimed at helping him to grow. When last year Eyob joined the “Fiamme Oro” military sports group, it was the culmination of a technical journey that had borne fruit and given both great satisfactions for Venicemarathon. 

"I am very attached of this race - said Eyob - because my sports ascent begins with the victory of the Moonlight Half Marathon in 2015. This year I come back to compete on the 21K and to improve the record of the route made last year by my training collegue, Shumay Mogos Solomon (1h03'05 ”). I recently made a personal record but, before Moonlight, I want to try to beat the best Italian performance of Stefano Baldini's 10 km (28 '10 "- Arco 2002) and for this I will fly to Manchester on May, 19 to race the Great Manchester Run”. "The highlight of the year - Faniel continues - will be the World Championships in Doha (QAT, 28 Sept - 6 Oct) where I will run the marathon in particular conditions. I will go to Doha with the National team to do an inspection after the Moonlight Halfmarathon ". 

The cast of the top atheltes of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is going to be defined, it is currently composed by the Kenyan Paul Kariuki Mwangi (1h00'42 "), Kipkorir, Murithi and Tiongik; from the Rwandan Hitimana and from the Italians Boudalia, El Mazoury and Graziotto . 

As always, the prize pool will be rich not only for top runners but also for sports groups. Venicemarathon will award in cash the first 5 largest sports clubs from outside the region and the first 5 Veneto sports groups. Rich prizes also for all the Fidal categories, which will be awarded directly on stage in Piazza Milano starting at 11pm. 

The start of the Half Marathon will be at 7.30pm and will be preceded by half an hour from the start of the 10K (7pm) in Piazza Milano area , where the Jesolo Moonlight Village will be built, which from Friday, May 24 (15-20 pm) will animate the square with music, exhibition stands and with the passage of all the runners who will collect the bib numbers. 

At just over two weeks from the event, the number of registrations is already reaching 5,000 and, subject to early closure for sold out, registrations will remain open until Friday 24 May. 

The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is organized by Venicemarathon and the City of Jesolo. Many companies have joined in this event that have already confirmed their participation: Karhu, Pro Action, Ventura, San Benedetto, Ali, Bavaria , Air France, Banco BPM, Zuegg, Palmisano, Castellano, 1 / 6H Sport.
-1 month at the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K
A unique race will be organized on Saturday, May 25, in Jesolo. Athletes will run in the moonlight and with a final "beach party" for everyone by the sea.
A weekend of sports, sea and sun even for families, friends and carers
There are already almost 4,000 members

Venice, 24 April 2019 - In Jesolo boh athletes and supporters can enjoy the sea, the beach and the sun until late afternoon, just a few steps from the start line, and then run a half-marathon or 10K and end the evening with a fun beach party by the sea. All this is the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K, which will take place on Saturday 25 May in Jesolo, with the start of 10K at 7pm, and at 8pm of the half marathon, both in the Piazza Milano area. Almost 4,000 people have already chosen to experience the thrill of the "Saturday night race".

The route will offer very suggestive landscape with an alternation of different naturalistic aspects such as the sea, the river and the pine forest. Runners will start from via Danimarca (Piazza Milano area) and then take via Papa Luciani and that will lead athletes in the hinterland of Jesolo. Then, the route will go along the Cavetta Canal and cross the camping areas along Via Corer and return to the Canal to Cortellazzo. Here you will run alongside the evocative mouth of the Piave river with its marina, and then return to Lido di Jesolo along the green boulevards of the Jesolo pinewood and then through via Belgio and via Oriente. Finally, the Lungomare, the beaches, the melody of the sea, the background music of musical bands and kiosks on the sand will carry athletes along the last kilometers before reaching the finish line in Piazza Milano, where the lights and the music of Jesolo nightlife and above all the usual warmth of the supporters will welcome finishers.

A stone's throw from the beach will be the Jesolo Moonlight Village, that take place in Piazza Milano, an area easily reachable by car and equipped with a lot of parking. Here athletes will find all the pre and post race services.

Finally, the Moonlight Beach Party will be the last part of the event. All athletes with their carers will have the opportunity to have fun after the race at the party organized in the kiosks on Piazza Milano beach, starting at 10pm, with a free drink for all those who will present the bib number or medal.

The race package will be very rich as always. All participants will receive a technical t-shirt sleeveless in breathable fabric specially designed by Karhu for the event and all finishers will be presented with the medal of the event, voted on Facebook in these days and which this year can be personalized with name, surname and race time.

The Moonlight Halfmarathon, organized by Venicemarathon and the City of Jesolo, is really a complete sports proposal, which becomes an unmissable tourist opportunity for friends and families in tow who will have the opportunity to spend a weekend at the end of May in the name of beach life , of nightlife and of course sports and wellness.
Many companies have joined in this event that have already confirmed their participation: Karhu, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Ventura, Air France, Bavaria, Alì, Zuegg, Palmisano, 1 / 6H Sport.
The big party of the “Saturday night run” returns with the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K!
More than 1,700 runners are already registered for the event organized on Saturday, May 25 in Jesolo. The start and finish line in Piazza Milano, situated near the beach and the sea, and the mix of ingredients that make this event unique are confirmed.


Venice, Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - After the success of 2018 edition, that was completely renovated in route and facilities, Jesolo is ready to host on Saturday, May 25 the 9th Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K which, as usual, will take place at sunset with the romantic sunset colours.

More than 1,700 runners are already registered for the event organized by Venicemarathon and the City of Jesolo. A great result that confirms that the 10K & 21K races are the best in order to run with friends and families.

Moreover, Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon could be considered as a sport-touristic experience to enjoy a sunny relaxing weekend at the beach before running in the big “Saturday night run” that will start between 7pm and 7.30pm.

A few steps from the beach, in Piazza Milano, the Jesolo Moonlight Village will rise again this year with all its pre and post-race services. Piazza Milano is also easily to reach by car and has a lot of parking areas.

The 21K route will offer beautiful natural views like the sea, the river and the pine grove. The part that runners will run along the seaside will be touching thanks to the sound of the waves. In the final part of the route lights, music, Jesolo nightlife and cheers of people will welcome all finishers.

Finally, the Moonlight Beach Party will be the final event of the competition. All people could have fun in the party organized after the race on the beach near Piazza Milano, with a free drink for every people who will present the bib number or the medal.

“Moonlight Half Marathon is like home in our city - said Valerio Zoggia, mayor of the City of Jesolo – and every year the numbers of runners grow up. As the last year, the 9th edition confirms the decision to realize the event totally in the Jesolo’s zone, in the east zone and in the pine grove. We await a great success for this edition, like 2018.”


“The confirmation of Jesolo as starting and finish point of the “moonlight run” rewards the care of the last year to guarantee a different and good experience – said Esterina Idra, sport council member -. The change of the location was appreciated by the runners; in fact, the high number of participants confirms the appreciation of the runners who love sport and nature”.

Karhu, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Bavaria, Alì, Fish Factor, Palmisano have already confirmed their presence.

Photo by Matteo Bertolin